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Payless Power, a provider offering one of the cheapest prepaid electricity for 77476 in Texas, for example, guarantees no credit checks and no deposits needed upon sign up. Moreover, you can get same day installation, whether it's for an apartment, house or trailer.

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The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) commissioned a study, "entitled Electricity Prepayment Program Update for the Cooperative Market, to focus more specifically on the growth and status of prepayment. Among other things, the findings of this update are that (1) the presence of an AMI solution is a core enabler of prepayment; (2) many if not most of the customer information systems (CIS) now support the offering of prepayment as a payment method; and (3) prepayment in general is growing at a significant pace, perhaps as much as 55% over the past 2 years, and possibly even higher."1 This was based on a study of three electric cooperatives in North Carolina, Colorado and Alaska.

The question is, do these findings apply to Texas? Considering that Texas is a retail choice market, where providers are in competition brought about by the deregulation of the electricity market, Texas may perhaps be considered as being in a more advanced state, in relation to these findings. For one, smart meter penetration in Texas is very high, as compared to other states. In 2013, Texas already had more than 75% smart meter penetration while many other states were still at only around 25%.2 In fact, for two years in a row now, Texas has ranked first in the Grid Modernization Index, partly owing to its smart meter programs and for pioneering smart grid initiatives.

Although smart prepaid electric service was first introduced in Texas only in 2011, the number of providers offering the service, and the number of consumers signing up for pay-as-you-go electricity has been increasing. This is because prepaid electricity service offers many advantages.

Signing up for prepaid no-deposit electricity is very simple. Just log on to to sign up online with Payless Power. To order, you can also call 1-888-620-3799 from 9am-8pm Monday to Friday and 9am-6pm on Saturdays.

How to Get Prepaid Electricity Works

Prepaid electricity gives you the tools to easily manage your budget. You will receive paperless text or email notices of your daily usage. You are notified daily of your usage instead of only when you run low or waiting until the end of the month. You can pay by phone or via the website using a credit card or debit card, or with cash at many of our pay locations, including Ace Check Cashing locations throughout Texas.

Advantages of Prepaid Electricity

Prepaid electricity eliminates the hassles and surprises that are normally associated withi a post-paid plan.

Easy payment assistance when you need it.

Pre-pay in advance only what you need.

Prepaid electricity is perfect for consumers with limited budgets or may not have the best credit.

Young Energy, LLC dba Payless Power is a Retail Electric Provider certified by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas (Certificate No. 10110). Information regarding Payless Power, its products and services can be found at where you can obtain important standardized information that will allow you to compare Payless Power products with other offers.